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During your renovation you have to decide what kind of renovation you want. Is it restoration, renovation or restoration. Depending on the service required we will be happy to assist during your construction period.


While remodeling is going on, electricity plays a vital role on the duration of the remodeling. It is our biggest concern is for you and your family's safesty. So we will take every precaution to make sure we do our renovation as safely as we can.


Our skilled and courteous carpenters will make your dream cabinet into a reality. Whether it is wood flooring, trimming or cabinetry you will receive a top-notch experience during your renovation.


We offer variation of painting options. One of the other painting services that we offer is the painting of your old cabinetry.

We have over a thousand slabs for you to make your choices off of. We try to make shopping in 1 stop. If we can't find you something that you like from our inventory we work with some of the largest granite suppliers in the east coast.

Once the construction in your kitchen is finished we will proceed with our plumbing. Usually once the granite has been installed our plumber will arrive an hour after they leave.

Center Design

Professional & Affordable Granite, Tile & Cabinet Installation

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